What is the Catalogue of Validation Methods?

The catalogue is a source of information on selected methods of validating learning outcomes used during all stages of validation, as well as on the selection of these methods to ensure that validation is accurate, reliable and adequate.

This tool will help to design and improve the validation of learning outcomes acquired outside the formal education system. It is primarily intended for entities interested in submitting a qualification to the Integrated Qualifications System or in awarding a qualification within this system, i.e. to act as an awarding body.

The Catalogue of Validation Methods was developed within the project “Support to central government administration, awarding bodies and quality assurance institutions in implementing stage I of the Integrated Qualifications System” conducted by the Educational Research Institute.

Validation and the Integrated Qualifications System

Validation is a very important mechanism in the Integrated Qualification System (IQS). It is the process of assessing whether a person seeking a qualification has the knowledge, skills and social competences (i.e. “learning outcomes”) required for this qualification, regardless of how they were obtained. In order to receive a certificate confirming the attainment of a qualification within the Integrated Qualifications System, a person must have achieved a positive validation result.

Validation can have three stages: identification, documentation and assessment of the learning outcomes. It is a comprehensive mechanism that can be used not only to attain qualifications, but also to broadly identify the learning outcomes achieved by a given person.

One of the key aspects of validation are the methods used in this process, which must be adapted to the nature of the learning outcomes being assessed.

How to use the catalogue?

The catalogue consists of two parts. The first part presents selected validation methods and examples of techniques. You can access it by clicking on one of the methods listed below or by selecting the “Validation methods” link from the main menu.

The second part is instructional and contains information that can help in choosing the right method and in constructing validation tools. Access to this part of the catalogue is provided by clicking on the “Choosing the Methods” icon or the same option in the main menu.

Information on each subpage - descriptions of individual methods and instructional materials - can be downloaded in a pdf file.